Corporate Events
Glow Group organized Glow Customer Conference on July 25, 2555.

Glow Group organized "Glow Customer Conference" on July 25, 2555. Attended the conference were over 100 people from 31 companies, which are our industrial customers. The conference, presided over by Mr. Esa Heiskanen, CEO of Glow Group, was aimed at providing information about Glow Group facilities, the development and improvement of power network and steam network, the operating system, communications system and staff development, to increase efficiency and ensure reliability of power and steam distribution network to industrial customers with our professional in energy management.
Experts from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thaialnd (EGAT) and Chulalongkorn University were also invited to share their knowledge and experience in the topics of Transformer Life Assessment and Preventive Maintenance and Lightning Protection and Grounding System.