Our Vision

We are a leading power generation company providing sustainable and reliable energy solutions based on innovative use of diversified energy sources.


Create value for our shareholders and customers in a sustainable manner through reliable products, profitable growth and knowledgeable employees with network of expertise.

Perform the business by developing and implementing environmentally and socially responsible projects while improving the quality of life of communities in areas where we do business.

 Business fundamentals

  • Operational Excellence:
  • • No compromises in environment, health and safety
  • • Maintain high customer satisfaction
  • • Continuously improve supply reliability
  • • Continuously improve project execution processes
  • • Continuously improve reporting and management tools and processes
  • • Reduce production costs and increase productivity
  • • Reduce cost of capital

  • Profitable Growth:
  • • Expand Cogeneration businesses in Thailand with high-load industrial customers who value reliability
  • • Expand IPP business in Thailand
  • • Expand and seek business in neighboring countries

 Corporate Values

ACT SPIRIT: New core values and way of work for Synergy success

  Ambition: We strive to be the absolute best in whatever we do

  Commitment: We will be punctual (in the meeting/delivering results) and commit to results and promises

  Trust: We should take comfort in engage in health debate and able to share and respect others

Last Reviewed/Updated : 30/Jan/2020