Safety Management

We are committed to achieving the best possible health and safety performance and developing correct safety behavior throughout our organization. Every effort is made to sustain an excellent safety culture.

We aim to take all necessary precautions to limit occupational accidents and incidents at the workplace. We are utilizing international best practices available through the extensive network of our parent company ENGIE. Such best practices include the reduction and ultimate elimination of the occurrence of accidents and incidents by focusing on a hierarchy of systematic prevention, eliminating the possible causes of accidents, training employees and enhancing vigorous job safety analysis. Glow is extending efforts towards achieving the occupational health and safety principles beyond its own organization and works constructively with our contractors to applying the same standards.

In 2017, we had launched “Safety for School” CSR project to share the knowledge and experience of Glow’s employees in the area of energy and safety with students around our power plants. Apart from promoting the energy efficiency, Glow aims to increase the safety awareness among children, who in turn can become advocates for the issue with their parents and peers. For our pioneer schools, please refer to section “Livelihood of Local Communiti es”.

We consistently seek to identify significant workplace hazards and appropriately control the risk from them to protect our employees and contractors from inherent dangers. If, despite all our efforts, an incident occurs, we have defined procedures with respect to investigation and reporting. Through an in-depth analysis of possible causes, we aim to identify corrective and preventive actions and to communicate such actions to all relevant parties.

Glow has defined the following fundamental principles that health and safety is a primary responsibility and important factor of our values:

 Making the initial commitment that health and safety is a primary responsibility of all Glow employees.
 Maintaining compliance obligations with the applicable health and safety legislation and Glow’s safety rules.
 Involving employees at all levels to promote effective working relationships with appropriate health and safety authorities and relevant stakeholders      to avoid working situations that may have an unfavorable effect on an employee’s health.
 Integrating health and safety in our management systems to drive a proactive and shared safety culture throughout the organization.

It is our goal to reduce the number of occupational accidents by implementing a Five-Year Safety Culture Roadmap. We continually measure our safety performance through core KPIs including zero Frequency Rate of Occupational Accidents (FR) and zero Major In cidents.

In 2017, we have continued progress on our safety roadmap, one way we have done this is by conducting safety culture assessment workshops. The workshops aimed to understand the existing maturity level of the safety culture at the power plant sites in the Group with the following objectives:

 To obtain baseline data and look for directions to improve safe behavior of employees;
 To know the level of safety culture, strengths, and weaknesses of the existing management systems;
 To select and implement the right tools and to set priorities for improvements;
 To understand the employees’ thoughts and attitude on managing the health and safety system; and
 To promote safety awareness and involvement of employees and contractors.

Results and feedback from the workshops and our employees will help us to develop and prioritize specific actions needed for safety culture improvements.

Continuing our proud achievement of 2016, Glow has maintained zero Occupational Accident and Major Incident rates despite more than 4-million man-hours working together with our contractors. Correspondingly, all Glow Group’s power plants has received the awards under “Zero Accident Campaign” by the Thailand Institute of Occupational Safety and Health in 2017. We aspire to continue and vigilantly make progress on our safety roadmap to sustain an excellent safety culture in 2018 and the years after.

In addition to the safety performance at power plants, Glow also provides basic safety training to ensure that our members work safely and stay healthy. All Glow employees receive safety training that fits with the nature of their work, ergonomics lessons that are not only covering office tasks but also correct practices outside the office, and first aids skill when they join the organization. Refresher courses are available for staff to improve their knowledge. Those training sessions have yielded outstanding outcomes as our staff has implemented CPR technique and what they learned and helped colleagues to remain safe.,

   Last Reviewed/Updated : 12/Mar/2019