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Glow IPP N13.086104, E101.087523 GPS Location: 


Glow IPP power plant was developed since September 1998 by Glow IPP Co.,Ltd. in order to supply electricity to EGAT under Independent Power Producer (IPP) program. Its total generating capacity is 713 MW supplied to EGAT under 25-year Power Purchase Agreement. The facility comprises 2 generating units of 356.5 MW each. The Glow IPP power plant is a natural gas-fired combined cycle plant that began commercial operation in January 2003.

Plant Information
  • Name: Glow IPP Power Plant
  • Location: WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate 1, Bowin, Chonburi
  • Production Capacity: Power 713 MW
  • Commercial Operation Date:January 2003
  • Type of fuel: Natural gas
  • Tel: 66 (0) 3834 5900-5
  • Fax: 66 (0) 3834 5906