Code of Conduct

  1. Compliance with laws and Regulations, Human Rights Principles.
  2. Political Rights and Neutrality.
  3. Stakeholding and Conflict of interest.
  4. Confidentiality, Safeguarding and Use of Inside Information.
  5. Practices with Customers and Consumers.
  6. Practices with Business Competitors.
  7. Procurement and Practices with Trade Partners.
  8. Community, Social, and Environmental Responsibilities.
  9. Treatment of Employees.
  10. Treatment of Creditors.
  11. Internal Control and Internal Audit.
  12. Receiving and Offering of Gifts, Assets, or Other Benefits.
  13. Safety, Health, and Environment.
  14. Intellectual Properties and Use of Information Technology and Communication System.
  15. Anti-Money Laundering.

This “Code of Conduct” shall be treated as a part of GLOW Group’s rules and regulations, and all Directors and Employees shall strictly comply with it accordingly.

Last Updated : 26 Jan 2021