Corporate Social Responsibility

During the 20 years Glow has been operating in Thailand, we have always placed great emphasis on growing our business responsibly. We realize the importance of the society in economic, environmental and social development and how valuable sustainable relationship with our stakeholders is. We, therefore, operate our business with integrity and transparency by taking into account the highest benefit of all involved parties.

We place great emphasis on operating and living in harmony with society in general and local communities in the areas where we operate and have initiated and continue to support multiple projects aimed at enhancing people’s quality of life, improving education and preserving the environment both in communities in areas where we operate and in remote or less developed areas of Thailand and Laos.

Our CSR Vision

Glow group is recognized as a unique group of companies performing its business in a sustainable relationship with the environment and the society.

Our CSR Mission

Perform the business in a sustainable relationship with the environment and the society with special focus on four major areas:

  • To raise the quality of life within the communities where we operate
  • To provide better educational opportunities especially to children
  • To initiate or participate in various environmental preservation activities
  • To encourage employees to actively participate in socially responsible activities

Our CSR Policy

Glow Group acknowledges its responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behavior that

  • contributes to sustainable development, health and the welfare of the society
  • takes into account the expectations of stakeholders
  • is in compliance with applicable laws and consistent with international norms of behavior and
  • is integrated throughout the organization and practiced in its relationships

Our Achievements on CSR

Glow Group participated in CSR-DIW, which is the cooperation between the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) and the Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) to elevate local industrial factories to ISO26000 standard since 2008. The companies under Glow Group namely Glow SPP 2 Co., Ltd / Glow SPP 3 Co., Ltd, Glow Energy PCL, GHECO-One Co., Ltd and Glow IPP Co., Ltd, received the honorary trophies and certificates from the Department of Industrial Works for observing CSR-DIW Corporate Social Responsibility standard in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Community Partnerships Association (CPA)

Glow together with four other industrial operators in Map Ta Phut, including PTT, SCG, BLCP and Dow Chemical has co-founded CPA to unite forces and cooperation among industrial operators in the Map Ta Phut Complex. This marked the first time the industrial sector in Thailand has joined hands to develop itself into the environmental-friendly industry with an aim to co-exist in harmony and sustainably with the communities as per the slogan “Pleasant Home, Sustainable Society”.

Last Reviewed/Updated : 1 Jan 2014