Aquatic Animal Releasing Activity with Khao Yod Fishery Group

On November 22th, 2019, GLOW Group, together with Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Office, BLCP Power Co.,Ltd., PTT Group, SCG Chemicals Co.Ltd., SPRC Co.Ltd., Bangkok Synthetics Co., Ltd., Covestro (Thailand) Co., Ltd., AGC Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and Khao Yod fishery group, jointly organized the baby aquatic animal releasing activity to increase marine population in the coastal areas of Rayong Province in 2019. The released aquatic animals included one million baby crabs, 500,000 lobsters, 10,000 spotted babylon and a few more egg-bearing blue crabs. The activity underlined our passion to preserve ecosystem, natural resources and environment as well as promote the love and care for natural resources among people, which will in turn create a strong and sustainable growth to the community.