GLOW Group participated in the “International Coastal Cleanup Activity 2019

GLOW Group, together with other industrial entrepreneurs in Map Ta Phut Industrial Complex and government authorities in Rayong, had arranged the "International Coastal Cleanup Activity 2019". This is one of the major community-based projects that aims to raise people’s environmental awareness and foster local collective goals of environmental stewardship to the beaches and coastal lines with a commitment to ocean trash and plastic reduction and to balance marine ecosystem. This cleaning campaign was strongly determined to altruistic corporate social responsibility creation for nature and environment as well as community cohesion among public sectors, private sectors and local people. With that intention, employees and their family members were invited to joined, and they voluntarily participated in this beach and coastal line clean-up event for the liveable environment starting from Laem Charoen to Saengchan, Suchada, Saithon, Nam Rin, Payoon and Phala, approximately 14 kilometers long. To make it even more successful to promote social interaction and general ethic of care for the environment. There were more than 4,000 participants and at the end of the day the total volume of waste collection amounted to 9,000 kilograms.