Corporate Events
Glow IPP certified by DIW as a socially responsible company

Mr. Heikki Pudas, EVP-Project Development & Business, represented Glow Group in the CSR-DIW B.E.2553’s award presentation ceremony, which was held by the Department of Industrial Works and the Management System Certification Institute (MASCI), at the Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel, Bangkok, on Tuesday, January 25, 2011.

Glow IPP was granted the CSR-DIW B.E.2553 certificate and trophy while Glow SPP 2 Co., Ltd/Glow SPP 3 Co., Ltd/Glow Energy PLC/GHECO-One Co., Ltd. was granted a CSR-DIW Continuous Award, in the ceremony. This achievement upholds Glow commitment to doing the business in compliance with the ISO26000 international standard on social responsibility, which will finally lead to a sustainable development.