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Glow receives “Best Public Company 2016 Resources Industry Award” from Money and Banking magazine for 2 consecutive years

Glow Energy PLC. (GLOW), represented by Brendan Wauters, Chief Executive Officer, received “Best Public Company 2016 Resources Industry Award” for 2 consecutive years from His Excellency Privy Councilor General Surayud Chulanont in the MONEY & BANKING AWARDS 2016 ceremony organized by Money and Banking magazine at Sofitel So Bangkok on June 23, 2016.

Glow has been recognized with the award for 2 consecutive years. The award has been presented to the listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand and indicates that the company has operated its business with excellent performance and efficient management. ‘Best Public Company of the Year 2016’ is analyzed by using world-class standard criteria, which are able to reflect the company’s efficiency. There are divided into three parts: first, the size of the firm; including Market Capitalization, Asset, and Shareholder’s Equity, second, an ability to profit; measured by Revenue, Net Profit, EPS, and Net Margin, and lastly, the return on investment: ROE, ROA, and Dividend Yield.

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