Meet Our CEO

Glow Group was incorporated in 1993 and is today one of the major private power producers in Thailand and Laos. Our core business is generation and supply of power and steam. The company supplies electricity, steam and industrial water to large industrial customers principally located in Map Ta Phut and nearby industrial estates, as well as power to EGAT’s (the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand) national grid under Thailand's IPP (Independent Power Producer), SPP (Small Power Producer) and VSPP (Very Small Power Producer) programs.

During 20 years of our operation, along with development of Thailand’s economy and industrial sector, we have become the leader of power and steam generation (or cogeneration) business in Thailand. At the present, our production capacity is over 3,500 MWeq.

Our professional employees use best practices and state-of-the-art technologies in operating our plants and distribution networks to ensure reliable supply of energy to our customers. The continuous efforts in adopting best practices are demonstrated by multiple certificates and awards Glow has received, the pinnacle being GHECO-One receiving 2013 ASEAN Coal Award for best practices in Clean Coal Use and Technology in Power Generation.

We are determined to expand our business, develop our employees and support development of communities around our facilities. We do not focus only on efficiency, productivity, and financial results. We emphasize social and environmental responsibility in our operations. We have organized social activities and supported community projects, enabling people in the vicinity of our plants to improve their quality of life.


We are determined to develop our business based on sustainable relationship with the society and environment as well as use of diversified energy sources and efficient technologies. We are committed to lead our organization to the targets that benefit all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, communities and employees.

Chief Executive Officer

Last Reviewed/Updated : 06/Mar/2014