Business Lines
Glow SPP 11 Phase 1 & Phase 3 N13.001325, E101.136085 GPS Location: 


Glow SPP 11 Co., Ltd. (Formerly Thai National Power Co., Ltd.(TNP)) started construction of its 110 MW power station in Siam Eastern Industrial Park in Rayong province in 1998. The power station commenced commercial operation in October 2000 and has contracted 90 MW of electricity to the EGAT under 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the remaining output being sold to industrial customer located on Siam Eastern Industrial Park. The capacity of the plant has been upgraded to 120 MW by increasing firing temperature of the combustion turbines and installing a fogging system to the air intake. Glow SPP 11also has an absorption chiller to produce 2,200 RT of chilled water to some industrial customers. A 23 MW expansion project using reciprocating gas engines commenced commercial operation in 2006.

A new GSPP 11 Gas-fired engine Power Plant of Glow SPP 11 Co., Ltd. with net output approximately 19.118 MW has been successfully started Commercial Operation Date on 30 April 2015. All electricity power of the plant will be supplied to industrial customers in Siam Eastern Industrial Park (SEIP). The facility has incorporated state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly technology.

Plant Information
  • Name: Glow SPP 11 Project 1 Power Plant
  • Location: Siam Eastern Industrial Park, Rayong
  • Production Capacity: Power 162.118 MW, Chilled water 2,200 RT
  • Commercial Operation Date: October 2000, October 2006 and April 2015
  • Type of fuel: Natural gas
  • Tel: 66 (0) 3889 1324-8
  • Fax: 66 (0) 3889 1330